29 and 30 October 2016
Basestation Tauranga
Why attend?
Get face time with other coworking owners, managers and residents to collectively create or share solutions to coworking challenges
What you will get
Yes, they are buzzwords we hear a lot lately but there is power in collective action and support from a peer-group of like-minds on who you will be able to call at anytime.
Plus, you also get a T-shirt (the first ever coworking hui Tee! A collectors item :-), fed and watered!
How it works
Venture Centre runs Basestation space in Tauranga, and we are excited to make our space available and work with you to facilitate this weekend of sharing.
Want to know more? Click here to contact the Venture Centre team

Start 10am with coffee, scones and jam!
1. Who's who

Let's find out a little about each other, the context in which we are working and why we take this on!

Before the hui please share your story and the information will be shared amongst those that attend.

Share story

Be prepared to tell a 3-5 minute story which demonstrates your passion and purpose.

2. World Café

A defining exercise which will enable us to find the commonalities and set the programme for the rest of the weekend.

  • What challenges are you facing?
  • What opportunities have you identified?
  • What help do you need?
  • What can you contribute?
3. Open space

Programme co-creation

Breakouts start

Lunchtime: 1pm Build your plate and enjoy!

1:45pm Breakouts continue

3:30pm Afternoon tea

4:00pm Closing Circle

5:00pm Beer o'clock then dinner

Discussion sessions may contain
How do others handle ...
  • Contracts with co-workers
  • Technology
  • Sales and marketing costs
  • Funding/budgeting/sustainability
  • Health and safety
  • Growing membership
  • ...
What's working and why?

Are other coworking spaces ...

  • Actively building community? For what purpose?
  • Defining a specific culture?
  • Supporting community projects?
  • Hearing and working to solve community issues? What are they? How?
  • Looking for other revenue streams?
  • Working on the business of their space only, or alongside other jobs/projects?
  • Working with local, regional or national government? Is there a need?
  • Organising shared, open, governance and management structures?
  • For profit or not? Sector specific or not?
  • ...
For those choosing to stay the night
Tell us you are coming!
Tauranga 29 and 30 October 2016
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Pay What You Want?!
(if you have some flex in your budget, please consider pitching in a little extra to cover the costs for others)
Where to stay
Tauranga Harbour City Motel

Easy walk (400m) from Basestation is Tauranga Harbour City Motel

It is clean quiet and friendly and use 'coworkinghui' when booking for a preferential rate

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Quest Apartments

Just a tad further away is Quest Apartments

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Boutique Backpackers

At the backpacker end, this is good and very near us also.

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